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Tussar Sarees: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Simplicity


Tussar Sarees: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Simplicity


Tussar, as we know, is one of the valuable fabrics in India which was majorly famous in the tribes and is now a massive part of Tussar sarees. These sarees are one of the most sought-after for their eye-pleasing appearance and the royal touch it exudes. Tussar silk is known to be the best handloom silk in the world and is used used in soaps, apparel, handicrafts and many more! All the Tussar sarees are a perfect blend of style and comfort that keeps evolving with emerging trends in sarees and blouse designs.


The comfort in the Tussar silk makes this saree a unique and must-have in your collection. There is an unspoken elegance and gracefulness that perfectly describes this saree. Even the golden sheen on the silk is like a crowning stroke that is not easy to be found in other silks. One can always set new trends by flaunting different and iconic amalgamations of silks like the Banarasi Tussar silk saree. A Tussar saree is so much more than we know, but we have discussed all that you need to know below to make you fall in love with Tussar a little more!


History Of Tussar Silk Saree


Tussar silk originated from West Bengal, India, but today Jharkhand is one of the largest producers of Tussar Silk. This silk was crafted from the fibres of the yellow moth cocoon and was known as Kosa Silk in earlier times. There isn't much detailing and evidence when it comes to the history of Tussar sarees other than the fact that they have been present since medieval times.


What makes Tussar silk different from other silk is the fact that this silk is not fed on mulberry silk. Today, many artificial ways have been identified to prepare these sarees with the same texture and firmness. Such a technological innovation has made the luxurious Tussar saree an affordable miracle. Even the production of Tussar silk is expanded worldwide to countries like China, Srilanka and Bangladesh!


Forms of Tussar Sarees


Tussar Silk is already a variety of silk which today is subdivided into various types such as Ghhichha, Katia, Thigh reeled, and Machine reeled. Such combinations are used to design various types of Tussar sarees to differentiate the same-looking ones. Since the core design of the Tussar saree is the same, such combinations are used voluntarily to craft different Tussar sarees.


Why is Tussar Sarees Affordable?


The cost of Tussar Sarees is one of the fascinating parts that makes it compelling to buy. The reason dates back to its origin history, where the silkworm breed of Tussar Silk is found on random wild forest trees and not specifically on the mulberry ones. Their easy availability makes them affordable and one of a kind.


However, when it comes to the Banarasi Tussar silk saree, affordability shifts a bit to the south! Simply put, the prices may increase when Tussar silk is amalgamated with Banrasi or Bhagapuri silk. The shimmery textures of these sarees reflect the prices along that make you look out of the world!


How to Style a Tussar Silk Saree


Draping a Tussar saree to events and parties is no less than a dream! The comfort and elegance it exudes give you confidence that makes you stand out from the crowd. But what if there are more ways for you to stand out? What if you can enhance the beauty of your Tussar saree in a subtle way? Well, it's easy and possible!


The Tussar saree material is itself lustrous and appealing, all you have to do is add some jewels that blend with your look. Silver jewellery always goes effortlessly with any type of Tussar saree, be it the classic Tussar saree or the Bhagalpuri Tussar silk saree. You can also try to pair pearl jewellery for a simple and subtle look. Since these sarees are perfect for flaunting in winter as they are comfortable and light, make sure to pair a nice sweater!


Things to Keep in Mind


Tussar silk is not an impossible fabric to maintain! But there are still some things that you must keep in your mind to extend the durability of Tussar sarees. These are:


  • Prevent any kind of stains in your Tussar saree. If you freshly got one, wash it right away before it gets soaked.

  • Make sure that the sheen and lustre quality of the fabric doesn't go away. Preserve them in a safe and clean space.

  • Get your Tussar saree or suit dry cleaned once every three months so it is in good condition for the next time.


Buy the best Tussar saree from Royall Vastramm


No jewel in the world can make a woman look spellbinding than a saree! When draped with perfection, a saree is what you call a crowning stroke. Among many silks and fabrics available worldwide, Tussar silk is by far the most preferred and loved! A Tussar saree is the talk of the town for its exceptional designs and geometric patterns that are worth all the gazes. Royall Vastramm is one of the most credible platforms for choosing the best Tussar saree for the next event coming up!


Our saree portal is equipped with all types of saree with varieties that are above and beyond your expectation. We have some of the best designs in BhagalpurI Tussar silk sarees and other traditional ones that are riveting enough to steal all the glam! Not only does our sarees affordable, but they are comfortable enough to provide you with the confidence to slay a saree look. Don't wait up to check out our eclectic saree collection to secure your ideal saree today!

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