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Experience Heavenly Comfort with Chanderi Sarees


Experience Heavenly Comfort with Chanderi Sarees


The Chanderi saree is a heavenly match of fashion and elegance! Crafted with Chanderi silk and a golden zari border, these saree reflect richness and aura. It is a traditional saree originating from Madhya Pradesh and is today the most preferred by women across. They are famous for their texture, comfort, embroidery, and all the luxury it unfolds! They are woven with extensive expertise and have everything to make you look out of the world!


Chanderi fabric is also used in designing salwar suits for women, but when it comes to radiating elegance, a Chanderi saree is an unparalleled experience! The shimmering texture of a Chanderi saree gathers all the praises, making it perfect for flaunting at weddings, pooja, or any other ceremony or event. Handloom Chanderi sarees are always in demand but what we know about them is not enough! There is more to these sarees which will surely make you fall in love with them!


History of Chanderi Sarees


Chanderi fabric has been in existence longer than we imagine it to be! You can trace it back to the Vedic period when this fabric was discovered by Lord Krishna’s cousin Shishupal. Ever since then, the popularity of Chanderi fabric has never looked back. It was the most-demanded fabric by queens throughout the Mughal reign in India. However, a revolutionary period came in around the 1890s when the weavers of Chanderi fabric shifted to mill-made yarns from handspun yarn.


Later in 1910, these sarees were acquired by the Scindia family since it was also the same period when golden thread came into existence for craftsmanship. Finally, in the 1930s, Madhya Pradesh became the first weaver of Chanderi Saree after taking inspiration from Japanese silk. Today, Madhya Pradesh is the biggest exporter of all unique Chanderi Sarees, giving all women a reason to celebrate elegance and glam!


What makes Chanderi Saree special?


The Chanderi saree is equipped with many elements that make it special, be it the fabric or the colors it reflects. This saree has been in the generation for ages; you may find it in your grandma’s closet and or even keep it in yours! There is nothing about this saree that isn’t wonderful. They are simply worth every penny you spend on them while making you look spellbinding! However, there are some qualities of Chanderi sarees that make them irresistible and a must-have in your collection!




One of the unique features of a Chanderi saree is the sheerness it exudes! The top-notch quality of the yarn is the sole reason for such sheerness in the Chanderi fabric. The lustrous shine and softness of the fabric are enough to fall in love with it at first sight. This fabric is transparent and has a glossy and sparkling texture that is best experienced by buying this fabric yourself. The exceptional sheer quality of this saree makes it suitable to be worn in summer. The sheerness of this fabric is not only felt but is seen with every drape of this jaw-dropping saree!


Buttis or Motifs


The motifs or buttis on the Chanderi saree are hand-woven and crafted using handloom and specialized needles. Since there are different types of needles required to weave different classes of motifs altogether. Experts use creativity in the best way to create motifs with gold, silver, or even copper. All the motifs and buttis on the Chanderi sarees are inspired by the beauty of nature and its creations, like flowers, swans, fruits, and heavenly bodies.


Traditionally designs like peacocks and flowers ruled the fabric of the Chanderi Saree, reflecting simplicity and grace. You can also find refreshing patterns with an eclectic range of varieties like Chatai, Jangla, Dandidar, and Mehndi designs that adorn the Chanderi fabric in the best way. A pure Chanderi silk sarees price may vary with the type of motifs and zari border used in the fabric. The more royal and heavy the embroidery, the higher the prices will be!


Fashion element


Chanderi sarees are like the main character in the Indian handloom industry. Earlier Chanderi fabric was meant just for sarees, but today with emerging trends, you can find eclectic variations in Chanderi. Designers today are testing their hands on creating tops, tunics, and indo-western dresses from Chanderi. Flaunting a Chanderi dress in an event is equivalent to setting fashion goals in a snap!


How to style various types of Chanderi sarees


Chanderi saree is classified into three types:


  • Silk Sarees

  • Cotton Silk Sarees

  • Cotton Sarees


All the types are readily available and worn by all women across the globe! However, with emerging trends in Chanderi sarees, it is important to know different ways to style them and set fashion goals altogether! Here is how you can style unique Chanderi sarees in eclectic ways!


  • Style your Chanderi saree with light jewelry balancing the heavy embroidery on the saree. Make an addition of elegant pieces of jewelry to look more authentic and classy!

  • Go for light silver pieces of jewelry for styling white cotton sarees to balance your look with grace and aesthetics.

  • Consider matching heavy Chanderi sarees with light and lustrous gold necklaces, bangles, or earrings.

  • Style your pallu for different occasions. Some of the famous pallu styles that you can add are traditional pallu, flip and lock pallu style, and belt tugs pallu style.

  • For an elegant and authentic look, you can go for a hair bun with a saree, as it gives a very chic and bold finishing touch to ethnic attire.


Revel in a Chanderi Saree from Royall Vastramm


Time to look all authentic and sumptuous with a Chanderi saree for that big event coming up. You heard it right! A Chanderi saree should be your top choice for slaying in big events and even in casual ones. From being comfortable to enthralling, everything about this saree is riveting enough to make you drool over this elegant saree! No saree can make you feel comfortable like the way a Chanderi saree does! The lightweight texture of this saree makes you feel more confident and relaxed.


When looking for handloom Chanderi sarees, you can find many colors and patterns just at Royall Vastram. We are the go-to platform for all your ethnic saree needs of all types and colors. All the Chanderi sarees available on our platform are finely crafted with top-notch quality and are available in all patterns and colors. We go the extra mile for our customers to make them look spellbinding and elegant in all our sarees. So what’s stopping you from immersing in the elegance that Chanderi Saree beholds?

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