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Elevate Your Style with Mugga Silk Sarees


Elevate Your Style with Mugga Silk Sarees


Silk is often known as the queen of textile fibres because it is completely shiny and lustrous.  Additionally, silk is a natural fibre that is elegant and valuable. Still, it has been overshadowed by other threads in the past few years, especially synthetic fibres. Assam has been producing silk for several years, and three main types of silk are mugga Erie and pat. The unique silk is known to get brighter colours after all the washes. Additionally, as a fabric that generally outlives the wearers, Muga silk is known for its amazing durability and strength.


Origin of muga silk sari

One of the most amazing skills in the world is muga silk, prominently known as moonga silk. It is manufactured only in Assam and is completely golden in colour. The only thing that distinguishes silk from others is that it is derived from the MUGA silkworm that goes back to the dinosaur world.


Why should you consider wearing Muga silk?


Soft fabric

Muga silk fabric is completely soft, and it has a smooth surface. Additionally, it is completely soft to the touch. Even delicate skin is not irritated, and you will feel you're not wearing anything.


Application and uses

Muka silk is generally used in different apparel besides saris, like kurtas, bridal wear, and much more. At the same time, it is also used in women's accessories for hats, quilts and scarfs. They are also used for home furnishing items like cushion cover curtain sofas.


How can you judge the authenticity of Muga Silk?

You can easily check the authenticity of the MUGA silk fabric by just using a microscope first. Still, during production time, people perform a strict quality check from which they hand out the GI status of the fabric, which ensures the originality of the product you are just holding.

Care instructions for Muga silk

At the same time, ensure that you do not apply soap for the first few washes. It is always recommended to keep the MUGA fabric, especially the banarasi fabric, in separate bags so that it does not get dirty. You need to keep up with all the care instructions so that the fabric looks completely new whenever you wear it.

Golden In colour

The rarity of mugga silk and the yellow tones is native to Assam and found nowhere else. It is because of the famous muga silkworm found here, and sources also say that the worm species have been around for a long time. The silk produced here is 100% organic and natural, and the fibre is one of the strongest.


Is mugga silk expensive?

Yes, the Royals and the cream class of society only used to wear muga silk, and even today, it is one of the expensive fabrics available globally. Only the upper segment of society was unknown to wear this silk. The silk is famous for its longevity and organic touches; besides, the strength of the fabric is unparalleled in some records. It is also seen that muga silk saris have been passed down from one generation to another, which means it outlives the wearer's life.


Tips to wear Muga silk sari

if you are looking forward to wear a muga silk sari then you are on the right page as you can get all the tips and tricks to flaunt it rightly.


Choose the right cotton petticoat

whether you believe it or not one of the most important things you need to consider while choosing a silk sari is choosing the right petticoat. For a proper grip you have to choose a cotton petticoat it will help you keep your sari stay in place and ensure that it does not slip away often. Additionally, also you need to ensure that you wear it tightly so that the saree can be tugged well. You can check it by inserting 2 fingers between the petticoat and the Neville. You have to tighten it a bit if it is very easy to slide in the fingers. Above all the underskirts should also match the color of your Sari undoubtedly.


Choose the right blouse

When it comes to wearing the right saree, you have to choose the right blouse also. It can really make a world of a difference to your look when you choose the right blouse. Undoubtedly you can experiment with neck and sleeve styles but ensure that the fitting of the blouse is neither too loose nor too tight. When you are wearing a MUGA sari ensure that you do not add excessive accessories to the blouse.


The length of your pallu

One of the most important factors you need to consider is the length of your pallu because it can break or make your look. You should never take a short pallu as it will make you look unfashionable. On the flip side, a lengthy pallu and a short height will not complement so you need to consider the length. Ensure that you adjust the length as per your height and do not make it completely long.

It takes at least 1000 cocoons to get 125 grams of silk from that source and to make one sari, and it takes around 1000 grams of Muga silk.

If you're looking forward to buying the best MUGA silk sari, then you need to look no further, as you can connect with us at Royal Vastram, and we will ensure that you will have the best saris. We have only pure silk sarees with us, so you can be stressed about the quality when you choose us.


Get the best Mugga Silk sari from Royall Vastramm

You know the favourite task of every woman? It no doubt draping a saree. Wearing a beautiful saree is the weakness of every woman. Our diverse range of Mugga Silk sarees is mind blowing, as we offer number of types of sarees available in multiple designs, textures and colours.

You can rely on the high end quality offered by Royall Vastramm and look ultra-gorgeous.

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