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Elegance of Banarasi Sarees


Elegance of Banarasi Sarees


There is nothing like the magic that a Banarasi saree beholds! A Banarasi Saree, when draped properly, holds power to elevate the traditional look in ways that make you look sumptuous and classical. Every woman has a special place in their heart for Banarasi sarees, and this love doesn’t end here. It is passed down from one generation to another to keep the culture and elegance intact! This saree is a synonym for royalty as it is a perfect blend of zari, gold, silver, and jaw-dropping embroidery.


The best thing about a Banarasi saree is that it never goes out of style! Fashion keeps evolving, and new trends emerge, but the love for a Banarasi saree never ends. The trendy Banarasi saree blouse designs are flexible enough to wear on different occasions, be it an office or a wedding. These sarees are crafted out of hand-woven silk and are adorned with intriguing floral designs and prominent engravings! The praises for the Banarasi saree don’t end here, there is so much more to them that is broken down in detail as:


History and Origin


The rich history of the Banarasi saree is rooted back in the Hindu mythology of Ramayana, around 1000 BC to 300 BC. These sarees originated from the cultured city of Varanasi, and even today, you will find most women wearing Banarasi Sarees. They were introduced in India by the Mughal Empire with a set of craftsmanship and intricate design. Even today, you will find a perfect blend of Mughal and Indian culture being reflected in every drape of the Banarasi saree. Earlier, the silk for weaving the Banarasi saree was imported from China, and today it is imported from the southern states.


Making of a Banarasi Saree


Banarasi saree is itself an epitome of elegance, and it takes more than just hard work to carve a masterpiece like that. The process of weaving a Banarasi saree is intricate and complex. The degree of complexity, however, changes with the design and pattern being used in crafting a specific Banarasi saree. Generally, it takes around 15-30 days to weave a single Banarasi saree. It is a result of constant teamwork where the work is divided categorically into weaving, border designing, embroidery, and so on.


The artist creates a design board where he sketches his design on graph paper with a planing of colour combinations to be used. Before finalising this design, punch cards and perforated cards are created to ensure accuracy in the knitting process. These cards are paddled systematically on the loom with a view to ensure that the prime weaves get all the colours and patterns right!


Types of Banarasi Saree


Banarasi sarees are known to be flexible and versatile when it comes to their breathtaking designs and styles. Women love experimenting with different kinds of Banarasi saree that are available in the market. Be it the iconic Katan Banarasi saree or the everyday aesthetic of the Shattir Banarasi saree. Some of the famous Banarasi Saree are as follows:


  • Katan Banarasi Saree


If you are looking for a perfect saree to flaunt in a wedding and festivities, then Katan Saree is the one for you! These sarees are lustrous, heavy in design, and have a magnificent aura of their own. Katan sarees are crafted with pure silk thread that is specifically twisted to weave this saree smoothly.


  • Shikargarh Banarasi Saree


The Shikargarh saree is one of the classic types of Banarasi saree crafted with motifs reflecting nature and beyond. It has stunning zari work in the borders and pallu, making it authentic and elegant. You can find the motifs of animals and hunting scenes inscribed as the patterns in these sarees. Shikararh Banarasi sarees are perfect for flaunting at traditional events and parties.


  • Tanchoi Banarasi Saree


Tanchoi Banarasi Saree is everything you need to slay with simplicity and grace! This saree type is one of the most preferred in wedding seasons for its exceptional and colourful patterns woven with the Jamawar style. There is no zari work on this saree, instead, you will find aesthetic criss-cross patterns with colourful motifs.


  • Shattir Banarasi Saree


Shattir sarees are what you call everyday aesthetics! From being lighter in weight to having jaw-dropping contemporary designs, you are having it all in this saree. They are affordable in comparison to other sarees and hold a design worth all the gazes. You can revel in the modern and premium feels while flaunting this magnificent saree.


  • Patola Banarasi Saree


Banarasi Patola saree is the newest emerging trend in Banarasi Saree, having an array of astounding geometric patola designs. The vibrant colour combination of these sarees is what makes them the most preferred and admired at weddings and events. The design of these sarees is top-notch and alluring!


How to style a Banarasi Saree


The devotion to wearing and flaunting a Banarasi saree is just something else! There is no wonder that flaunting a Banarasi saree is always on the bucket list of women across the globe. But draping a Banarasi saree is not as easy as it looks! Here are some way styling ways to make your draping experience worthwhile:


  • Traditional or seedha pallu style

  • The open pallu draping style

  • Neck drape style

  • Belt draping style

  • Dhoti draping style


How to choose your ideal Banarasi Saree


Choosing the right Banarasi saree is knowing, comparing and matching the upcoming event and type of Banarasi saree available. You have to first envision the kind of traditional Banarasi look you are aiming for and browse various types of Banarasi saree designs accordingly. There is always more to these beautiful sarees that can be best extracted by pairing them with the right accessories to make you look glamorous for that big event you are about to go to! But remember, comfort always comes first, buy and drape, keeping comfort as your top priority!


Choose the best Banarasi Saree from Royall Vastramm


Immerse in all the elegance that a Banarasi saree beholds! From unique designs to breathtaking patterns, there is nothing of class that you cannot find in this beauty. And we are never short of events where we can flaunt our best traditional attires, be it a wedding or an ethnic day at college. Royall Vastramm is your one-stop destination for all your saree needs. We have some of the best and in-trend Banarasi saree blouse designs 2022 that are nowhere else to be found!


You can find top-notch quality sarees of any type at prices that won’t compel you to break the bank. We offer eclectic Banarasi sarees for every occasion you have in your mind. All our sarees are designed in a way that caters to all requirements of our customers. We aim to deliver the elegance you have envisioned with your Banarasi look in the best way possible. So, drape a Royall Vastramm saree in a way that makes you look your best authentic self now and then forever!

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