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Chikankari saree: A Classic Trend Of Elegance and Simplicity


Chikankari saree: A Classic Trend Of Elegance and Simplicity 


Chikankari sarees have been an important tradition in sarees for a very long time, and even today, you cannot resist the compelling beauty it exudes. The word chikan in Chikankari saree means embroidery, and this saree is crafted with intricate and stunning thread embroidery. This saree originated from Lucknow and is famous around the world for its breathtaking thread patterns and designs. A designer chikankari design highlights the chikankari artwork in the most elegant way. And not just for a casual look, but these saree hold power to make your look appealing at many big events you go to! 


There is some subtle elegance that makes these Lucknowi chikankari sarees attractive and one of a kind. The best thing about chikan design is the flexibility that it can be crafted on linen, cotton, georgette, chiffon, and so on. These designs reflect a perfect blend of Mughal designs with a traditional Indian saree. It is because of its rich history that the love for this saree grows ten times when women flaunt a chikankari saree to an event. This saree exudes a lot of intriguing facts beyond its rich history, which we have broken down below!


Origin and History 


Chikankari is a traditional form of white floral embroidery which is delicately designed with a needle and raw thread. This form of embroidery is mainly centered in northern India, namely Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Chikankari was there since the time of royal patronage but somehow suffered during commercialization. But despite all, it stayed alive, and even today, it is like a tribute to the skills and craftsmanship of the people who made this embroidery a legacy. A legacy that is passed on from generation to generation and will always be!


Before coming to Lucknow, this saree first flourished in the Mughal era in the 16th and 17th centuries. But some historians relate the Chikankari saree with Persian craft since the word "chikan' comes from the Persian word "chikin" or "chikeen" meaning a kind of fabric or embroidery. Today, these sarees are available in various forms, but the georgette chikankari saree is the most famous of all! A pure georgette chikankari saree online may cost you depending on the type of embroidery you choose, and the same goes for other sarees as well.


Types of Chikankari sarees


Chikankari sarees have always been the most mesmerizing saree for any Indian woman. Over time, the design, wrap, shape, and patterns have evolved with emerging trends, and so are its types. You may find many chikankari saree online shop selling an eclectic range and types of these sarees. Some of the famous types of Chikankari saree are listed below!


  • Pure Georgette Chikankari Saree

Georgette saree will always be like the first love for a woman, but with an added chikan design, it's nothing less than a besotted love! A pure georgette chikankari saree online has light-weighted drapes, soft material, and a trendy touch to it. These sarees are available with floral prints, designs, motifs, bold colors, and intricate chikan karigiri. 


  • Faux Georgette Chikankari Saree

Faux georgette is another type of fabric where chikankari design is easily prevalent and utilized in the best way. This type of saree has a subtle sheen and floaty appearance and is too comfortable to wear and flaunt. The drapes of this faux georgette are semi-transparent, which looks alluring when draped with bends. 


  • Kota Chikankari Saree

The Kota chikankari saree is more like a conventional saree with a modern touch. These sarees have plain fabric and a contrast pallu with an intrinsic border. A Kota chikankari saree is light in weight and looks royal, reflecting a classy and appealing touch. This saree is suitable to flaunt at weddings, parties, events, festivities, and other auspicious occasions.


  • Net Chikankari Saree

Net Chikankari saree is a stylish advancement in chikankari sarees. A white net saree is the most preferred in this design as it gives a royal touch that suits any occasion you flaunt it too! The translucent fabric of this saree is appealing and makes your ethnic attire look stunning to the core. You can also go for bold colors in a net chikankari saree to experiment with your style and comfort! 


  • Cotton Chikankari Saree

A cotton chikankari saree is the most common and preferred when reflecting comfort and simplicity as your ultimate goal. Chikankari cotton is an ever-evolving type of fabric that is available in diverse colors and patterns. This saree gives you a subtle look with contrasting sequins and breathtaking zari embroidery. 


  • Chanderi Chikankari Saree

Chanderi chikankari saree is just another amalgamation of culture and dignity! The rich silk texture of this saree is adorned with zari borders and patterns worth the gaze. A perfect blend of chanderi and chikankari design makes this saree a luxury that every woman must immerse in to flaunt at big events. 


How to style a Chikankari saree?

A chikankari saree is a refreshing trend that is going to stay for a long time! This elegant saree, when draped with style, can give you all the showstopper vibes with all the comfort in the world. Here are some quick styling tips to make you fall in love with Chikankari saree a little more! 


  • Go for boho jewelry and a halter neck blouse while styling a lovesome white chikankari saree.
  • If you are styling a classic chikankari saree, go for a bell sleeve blouse and wear fewer accessories to create a subtle look per the trends.
  • While styling a black chikankari saree, consider pairing it with a high-neck blouse and multi-layered necklace to create a riveting look.
  • Recreate a brunch look with a pastel-shade saree and accessorize your look with oxidized jewels, and you are all set to look surreal! 
  • For a deep-neck blouse with a chikankari saree, you can pair a choker necklace to create a regal look.


Recreate a regal look with a Chikankari saree from Royall Vastramm

Who doesn't like keeping up with the latest fashion trends? Sure, we all do! And when it's about our eternal love for sarees, we should rather not miss anything. A chikankari saree is one such magical trend that came and stayed with the besotted love it received. This saree holds a magical vibe of its own that makes you look authentic and gorgeous, like a spell. The best way to experience the revel-worthy comfort of the Chikankari saree is by wearing and flaunting it yourself!


At Royall Vastramm, we equip all your saree needs in the best possible way with our eclectic saree collection. From different colors to intrinsic patterns, you got it all here on our platform! Our chikankari sarees are the most comfortable ones, with a sheen and soft texture that ensures extreme comfort and satisfaction. Let yourself feel all the authentic vibes that a Chikankari saree beholds by getting yours from Royall Vastramm now!

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