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Midnight Majesty Black Banarasi Saree

The "Midnight Majesty Black Banarasi Saree" is a beautiful traditional Indian garment that features intricate handwoven designs in black and gold on a lustrous silk fabric. The saree is adorned with delicate zari work and features a rich border that adds to its regal charm. The color black symbolizes elegance and sophistication, making this saree a perfect choice for formal occasions and evening events. The Banarasi silk fabric is known for its durability and luxurious feel, ensuring that the saree drapes beautifully on the body. The "Midnight Majesty Black Banarasi Saree" is a timeless piece of attire that exudes grace and poise.

$54.27 $34.00

Golden Purple Flower

The "Golden Purple Flower Saree" is a traditional Indian garment made of high-quality fabric with intricate floral designs in red and gold. It is worn by women for formal occasions such as weddings and parties, and is draped around the waist and over the shoulder. The saree is a timeless classic that combines traditional Indian craftsmanship with modern fashion sensibilities.